Lagotto Romagnolo
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With the Lagotto Romagnolo by our side

After numerous trips to Italy and connecting with people who breed the Lagotto Romagnolo, we have come to know and love this beautiful ancient breed.

Our admiration and love for the Lagotto Romagnolo led us to acquire our first boy "Vito della Taparina" and, two years later, our lovely girl "Bijoux Century Olmo".

The aim of our kennel is to contribute to the emergence of this exceptional breed by playing a small part in its perpetuation.

Chara Nikolopoulou & Stathis Binis
Date Name Award Judge
14/7/2019 Bijoux Centuri Olmo C.A.C Dragan Ristic
13/7/2019 Bijoux Centuri Olmo C.A.C Gavriil Nianios
9/6/2019 Bijoux Centuri Olmo C.A.C Janelle W Robbins
21/4/2019 Bijoux Centuri Olmo C.A.C Vasilis Andrianopoulos
15/4/2019 Bijoux Centuri Olmo C.A.C Imbimbo Nicola
7/4/2019 Bijoux Centuri Olmo C.AC Biasiolo
6/4/2019 Bijoux Centuri Olmo C.A.C Anna Tits
9/6/2019 Vito della Taparina C.AC Janelle w. Robbins
8/6/2019 Vito della Taparina C.A.C Anna Arancovic
21/4/2019 Vito della Taparina C.A.C Vasilis Andrianopoulos

Our Kennel

Our kennel, Lagotto Romagnolo della Bini, aims for healthy offspring through a selection of parents free of genetic disorders.

In addition to health care, we place great emphasis on character and morphological qualities intended at protecting and improving the spread of the breed.

Our kennel will provide all the documents that certify the puppy's family tree and all the useful information needed for their care, training and health.

Our dogs have taken part in dog shows and have been awarded for their morphology. Our kennel will provide all the documents that certify our puppy's parent tree and all the useful information we need for their care, education and health.

Breeding for us starts with a true love for the Lagotto Romagnolo, so the births are selective and meet all health and morphological requirements in order to get the best results. This is evident in the pedigree of our Lagotti Romagnoli.

Lagotto Romagnolo

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a Group 8 water dog of rustic appearance and an excellent truffle hunter.

Its flexible and graceful character makes it highly trainable as a truffle-finder or a great companion that will mesmerize all by the sheer force of its presence.

It is an ancient breed found in the lowlands of Comacchio and the marshlands of Ravenna. Over the centuries, the marshlands have been drained and cultivated, and the Lagotto Romagnolo changed from being a water dog to an excellent truffle-searching dog. Owing to its extraordinary sense of smell, the Lagotto Romagnolo is the most efficient breed in detecting truffle.

The Lagotto is obedient, careful, affectionate, attached to its owner, easy to train, cheerful, playful and has a wonderful relationship with children.

Why choose a Lagotto Romagnolo?

One of the greatest strengths of the breed is its appearance.

Its playful character and dedication make it an amazing companion and ideal for families with children.

Its exceptional nose characterizes it as the No. 1 dog. It will accompany you everywhere, on walks in the city and on your mountain expeditions.

Another great advantage of the Lagotto Romagnolo is that it does not shed its hair so it is suitable for home living.

It is a gentle dog that lives many years, providing you choose a healthy puppy from parents who have been tested for any major genetic diseases, something very important for all breeds.

Information & Standards

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Lagotto Romagnolo della Bini

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